Welcome to the future of sustainable insulation

SISALWOOL™ Natural Fibre Insulation offers a breakthrough in warmth, soundproofing, and breathability. Crafted from natural sisal fibre's, this versatile insulation solution transforms spaces, ensuring comfort without compromising the planet.

🌱 For every purchase we will plant a tree 🌱 via Tree-Nation

Our story
  • Breathable Insulation

    SISALWOOL™ Breathable Insulation offers a transformative solution for spaces that require efficient moisture management. Its natural fibres create a breathable barrier, allowing air to circulate while effectively regulating moisture.

  • Sound Dampening

    SISALWOOL™ Sound Dampening redefines tranquility within spaces, effortlessly diminishing unwanted noise. Its natural fiber composition acts as a powerful absorber, reducing sound transmission and echoes.

  • Thermal Efficiency

    SISALWOOL™ Thermal Efficiency sets the standard for sustainable insulation, harnessing the power of natural fibers to regulate temperature with exceptional precision.

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