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SISALWOOLâ„¢ 100mm Natural Fibre Insulation - Packet

SISALWOOLâ„¢ 100mm Natural Fibre Insulation - Packet

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SISALWOOLâ„¢ 100mm is a high-performance low carbon natural fibre insulation which comes in batts. It is vapor permeable and has great acoustic performance and excellent rigidity. SISALWOOLâ„¢ insulation products can be handled safely with no risk of harmful chemicals off-gassing. SISALWOOLâ„¢ is suitable for new and retro-fit work and for applications including between rafters, joists, partitions, stud walls and loft insulation.

About this item

  • Natural Fibre Insulation
  • 100% Recycled Materials
  • Breathable Insulation
  • Eco-friendly insulation
  • Exceptional thermal efficiency
  • Sound dampening insulation
  • Sustainable Insulation
  • Effortlessly fits between rafters, joists, partitions, stud walls, and loft spaces
  • Added convenience of easy handling without the need for gloves
  • SISALWOOL eliminates the risk of harmful chemical off-gassing. Ideal for both new and retro-fit projects

Delivery will be by courier and will include batts which are each approx 1.2m x 0.57m or 0.37m and is 100mm thick. Have questions? Call our friendly team at 0131 510 9296

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