What is SISALWOOL™ insulation made from?

SISALWOOL™ is a blend of sisal fibre, a sustainable fibre crop, and sheep wool.  We are currently producing using recycled materials, so the sisal fibre is sourced from recycled coffee sacks, and the wool is sourced from waste from the wool carpet making industry.

How does SISALWOOL™ insulation compare to conventional insulation materials in terms of effectiveness?

SISALWOOL™ has a similar thermal performance to stone wool type products and a better thermal performance than glass fibre.

Is SISALWOOL™ insulation environmentally friendly?

SISALWOOL™ uses natural and recycled fibres so has a very low carbon footprint.  Offcuts can also be recycled.

What are the installation requirements for SISALWOOL™ insulation?

Typically wherever you have timber studs, SISALWOOL™ can be used in-between.  this could be in a wall, a pitched roof, or even under a suspended timber floor.

Does SISALWOOL™ insulation require any specialised equipment for installation?

No, although a specialist insulations saw will give a neater cut than a general purpose wood saw

Is SISALWOOL™ insulation fire-resistant?

yes, SISALWOOL™ has passed the Euro-class E surface spread of flame test.  This test involves holding a blowtorch to the insulation, and when the flame is removed, the fire self-extinguishes. Click Here For Fire Resistance Video

Can SISALWOOL™ insulation help in soundproofing a space?

Yes, SISALWOOL™ is ideal for acoustic insulation, and particularly for preventing the reverberation of sound within internal stud walls between rooms

What are the recommended applications for SISALWOOL™ insulation?

We recommend using SISALWOOL™ insulation internally within the building, for a wide range of applications including roof, wall and floor insulation.  It is particularly suited to use in traditional buildings due to its breathability.

Are there any health considerations or potential allergens associated with SISALWOOL™ insulation?

No, it is much safer and more pleasant to work with than most insulation products

Is SISALWOOL™ insulation suitable for both residential and commercial properties?

Yes, although due to fire regulations it is not certified for use in buildings more than 18m tall.

Where can I find the SISALWOOL™ datasheet?

You can find them on each product page. They can also be downloaded here.

Are there any Government funds / grants available to support the purchase of SISALWOOL™

Yes, Some funding is available from Home Energy Scotland / Business Energy Scotland & The Great British Insulation Scheme.