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SISALWOOL™ Natural Fibre Insulation - SAMPLE BOX

SISALWOOL™ Natural Fibre Insulation - SAMPLE BOX

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SISALWOOL 100mm is a high-performance low carbon natural fibre insulation which comes in batts. It is vapor permeable and has great acoustic performance and excellent rigidity. SISALWOOL insulation products can be handled safely with no risk of harmful chemicals off-gassing. SISALWOOL is suitable for new and retro-fit work and for applications including between rafters, joists, partitions, stud walls and loft insulation.

About this item

  • Natural Fibre Insulation
  • 100% Recycled Materials
  • Breathable Insulation
  • Eco-friendly insulation
  • Exceptional thermal efficiency
  • Sound dampening insulation
  • Sustainable Insulation
  • Effortlessly fits between rafters, joists, partitions, stud walls, and loft spaces
  • Added convenience of easy handling without the need for gloves
  • SISALWOOL eliminates the risk of harmful chemical off-gassing. Ideal for both new and retro-fit projects

Sample box contains SISALWOOL 100mm or 50mm sample & datasheet. The sample is 230mm x 160mm x 100mm.

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