At Sisaltech, our roots intertwine with a commitment to fostering a low-carbon future through sustainable building insulation. What began as a fervent belief in creating a better world has blossomed into a small yet passionate company dedicated to revolutionizing the construction industry.

  • Our Vision

    Energising Buildings, Sustaining the Planet. We envision buildings that echo energy efficiency, crafted from sustainable, low-carbon materials—a vision driving our every endeavour.

  • Our Mission

    Crafting Innovation for a Greener Tomorrow Our mission fuels innovation. We design pioneering, technical insulation solutions using natural fibres to facilitate an effortless transition to low-carbon building materials, offering enhanced safety and comfort to installers.

  • Our Purpose

    Tackling the Climate Emergency Our purpose is clear—to confront the climate emergency head-on, forging a path towards a sustainable future through our contributions in the construction realm.

  • The Genesis

    Unearthing Sisal's Potential In the late 2000s, John Ferguson embarked on a journey to educate small-scale farmers in East Africa on climate change mitigation. This endeavor led him to the remarkable sisal plant—a drought-resistant fibre crop with a forgotten legacy in construction. The possibilities inherent in sisal inspired us to innovate.

  • From Inspiration to Innovation

    Our trajectory soared from inspiration to innovation. Through meticulous craftsmanship, we've crafted one of the market's lowest carbon, highest-quality sustainable thermal insulation products. Why sisal? It's a game-changer—a highly sustainable fiber source, easy to grow organically, dried naturally under the African sun, offering a new frontier for insulation materials.

  • Blending Innovation

    Sisal and Wool The synergy between sisal and wool births our pinnacle product—Sisalwool. Blending the incredible benefits of natural fibres with sisal, we've created a product boasting superior structural qualities, redefining insulation excellence.

Meet our team

Founder & CEO

John Ferguson

Passionate about tackling the climate emergency with practical solutions; John founded Sisaltech to make better building materials. His experience in sisal supply chain and innovative manufacturing gives our company a crucial edge. John's leadership and commitment to genuine sustainability inspires us all.

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Sales Representitive

Gavin Moore

With a deep understanding of our premium insulation products and a passion for helping customers find the perfect solution for their needs, Gavin is here to guide you every step of the way. Whether you're embarking on a new construction project, renovating your home, or looking to improve energy efficiency, I'm committed to providing you with expert advice and tailored recommendations.

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Jamie Wilson

With a passion for innovative solutions and a dedication to sustainable living, Jamie leads our marketing efforts to showcase the exceptional benefits of SISALWOOL™'s eco-friendly insulation products.

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Emily Ferns

Meet Emily! Our friendly, accommodating office administrator. Always willing to offer a helping hand. She is excited to help you create the cosiest built environment. From researching and sourcing raw materials, in a sustainable manner, to making a crackin' cup of tea.

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