Unlock the Secrets of Comfort and Sustainability: SISALWOOL™ Natural Fibre Insulation Transforms a Historic Granite Home in Aberdeen!

Step into the past with us as we unravel the fascinating tale of a period granite house in Aberdeen, a home steeped in history and tradition. Owned and cherished for over three decades, this distinguished residence embarked on a transformative journey when its owner made the bold decision to bid farewell to the old gas boiler and embrace the future with an air source heat pump (ASHP).

Enter the realm of sustainability and innovation, where necessity meets ingenuity. Recognising the age-old charm of the property, the owner knew that embracing modernity required a touch of reverence for the past. Thus, the quest for additional insulation commenced, leading to the discovery of a remarkable solution: SISALWOOL™ Natural Fibre Insulation.

Envisioned by a visionary team of specialists, including a retrofit architect from MWClubb Architectural Design, the project unfolded with meticulous care and attention. The journey began with a comprehensive assessment, delving into the intricacies of the house as a holistic system. From there, a meticulous design phase ensued, navigating the labyrinth of regulations and approvals inherent to listed buildings.

Amidst this meticulous planning, the allure of SISALWOOL™ emerged as a beacon of promise. Crafted from recycled natural wool and sisal, this insulation marvel not only boasts exceptional thermal properties but also champions sustainability with every fiber. As the ASHP breathed new life into the home, SISALWOOL™ wove its magic, cocooning the walls, loft, and underfloor with warmth and tranquility.

For the passionate souls at MWClubb Architectural Design, the choice was clear: Sisalwool embodied their ethos of sustainability and responsible design. With each installation, they chiseled away at the carbon footprint, leaving behind a legacy of eco-consciousness.

Enter Forbes Solutions Ltd, the artisans behind the scenes, who brought this vision to life with expert craftsmanship. Framing the walls, insulating the nooks, and cradling the floors with Sisalwool, they transformed the home into a sanctuary of comfort and efficiency. With every cut and placement, they honored the heritage of the past while embracing the promise of tomorrow.

As the final batts found their place beneath the floorboards, a hushed whisper echoed through the halls—a testament to the transformation wrought by SISALWOOL™ Natural Fibre Insulation. In its embrace, the old granite house found renewal, a fusion of tradition and innovation, standing as a beacon of sustainability in the heart of Aberdeen.

Retrofitting Natural Insulation to Solid Walls

Project Overview:
A challenging yet rewarding project was undertaken to retrofit natural insulation to solid walls in a residential property. The aim was to improve thermal efficiency while preserving the historical integrity of the building. The project was referred by Tyler Johnston and involved meticulous planning and execution.

Scope of Work:
The retrofitting process followed a strategic sequence, starting with the floors, then the ceiling, and finally the walls. All post-1919 modern interventions were removed to revert to the original construction.

Floor Insulation:
The floor was dug, and Glaspor was compacted to create an insulating capillary break. A limecrete floor was then laid, ensuring a solid foundation for the rest of the insulation work.

Wall Insulation:
Bare stone surfaces were lime-parged to provide poultice-able air tightness. Sisalwool insulation, known for its eco-friendliness and thermal performance, was pressed between joists and studs. This was followed by paneling with wood wool boards to further enhance insulation and aesthetics.

Challenges and Solutions:
Retrofitting insulation to pre-1919 solid wall construction presented unique challenges, including the risk of humidity and condensation. To mitigate these risks, several strategies were implemented:

  1. Ensuring external factors such as ground level and masonry condition were sound.
  2. Applying a parge coat of Limerich mix to consolidate the masonry surface and improve air tightness.
  3. Installing Sisalwool insulation and compressed wood fiber boards to enhance thermal performance without compromising breathability.
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Sisalwool 100mm Natural Fibre Insulation

Redefining Comfort and Sustainability with Sisalwool

The Jenkins family sought to create a home that was not only cozy but also environmentally conscious. With rising energy costs and concerns about the carbon footprint of their property, they were on a quest for a sustainable insulation solution that could revolutionize their living space.

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Sisalwool 50mm Natural Fibre Insulation

Enhancing Comfort and Efficiency with Sisalwool Roof Insulation

The Thompsons, a couple residing in a cozy suburban home, sought to address temperature fluctuations and rising energy bills. Their roof space lacked adequate insulation, resulting in heat loss during winter and excessive heat gain in summer.

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