The Significance of Breathability in Buildings

The Significance of Breathability in Buildings

Breathability in Older Buildings: Why It Matters

Older buildings, steeped in history and character, often lack adequate ventilation and insulation. Breathability becomes a crucial factor as these structures age. It allows moisture to escape, preventing condensation and dampness that could compromise the integrity of the building's structure and occupants' health.

New Builds and Lack of Breathability

In contrast, modern construction techniques prioritize airtightness to improve energy efficiency. While new builds benefit from better insulation and reduced heat loss, this airtightness can lead to trapped moisture, potentially causing issues such as mold growth and poor indoor air quality.

The Role of Sisalwool: A Breath of Fresh Air

Sisalwool Natural Fibre Insulation strikes a unique balance by offering both insulation and breathability. Its natural composition allows for moisture regulation, ensuring excess moisture doesn’t linger, yet maintaining a comfortable and dry environment. This makes it an ideal choice for retrofitting older buildings.

Key Differences

Older Buildings:

  • Require Breathability: Older structures benefit greatly from breathable materials that allow moisture to escape, preventing issues like dampness and mold.
  • Natural Ventilation: Historically, older buildings relied on natural ventilation to regulate moisture levels.

New Builds:

  • Focus on Airtightness: Modern construction prioritises airtightness for energy efficiency, potentially leading to trapped moisture without adequate ventilation systems.
  • Dependency on Mechanical Ventilation: New builds often rely on mechanical systems for ventilation due to reduced natural airflow.

SISALWOOL's Breathability

  • Moisture Regulation: SISALWOOL's natural fibres enable moisture regulation, allowing excess moisture to escape while maintaining a dry, comfortable indoor environment.
  • Prevents Condensation: By preventing condensation, SISALWOOL aids in preserving the building's structure and ensures a healthier living space.


Breathability holds a pivotal role in maintaining the health and integrity of buildings, especially in older structures. While new builds prioritise airtightness, the lack of breathability can lead to moisture-related issues. SISALWOOL Natural Fibre Insulation emerges as a solution that bridges this gap, offering both insulation and breathability—a perfect synergy for retrofitting older buildings and ensuring a healthy, sustainable living environment.

Consider SISALWOOL as the breath of fresh air your building needs—balancing insulation and breathability for a healthier, more comfortable space.

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