Breathable Insulation: Revitalise Your Old Building With SISALWOOL™

Breathable Insulation: Revitalise Your Old Building With SISALWOOL™

In the world of architecture, the design philosophies between old and new buildings diverge notably—new structures prioritise waterproofing, while older ones embrace breathability. The essence of these differences lies in the materials used and their functionality within the building envelope. Enter SISALWOOL insulation, a solution tailored for old buildings seeking sustainable revitalisation.

Understanding the Design Dichotomy:
Modern buildings often prioritise waterproofing, creating sealed environments to prevent moisture ingress. However, this approach isn’t suitable for older structures, which were designed with breathable materials like lime plaster and natural stone, allowing moisture to move freely.

The Role of Breathable Insulation:
SIISALWOOL stands out as a breathable insulation solution, aligning perfectly with the ethos of older building designs. Its natural fibres regulate moisture, allowing a building to breathe without compromising thermal performance. Unlike impermeable insulations, SISALWOOL maintains the building’s historic integrity by facilitating moisture movement, preventing dampness, and preserving the structure.

Preserving Old Charm with Sustainable Innovation:
For owners of older buildings, SISALWOOL offers a compelling choice—an eco-friendly insulation solution that respects the building’s heritage while enhancing its energy efficiency. The breathable nature of SISALWOOL ensures that your structure remains in harmony with its original design philosophy.

The Benefits of Choosing SISALWOOL for Old Buildings:
Breathability: Facilitates moisture movement, preventing condensation and dampness.

Thermal Performance: Offers effective insulation without compromising the building’s ability to breathe.

Sustainability: Derived from natural sisal fibers, contributing to a more sustainable, eco-friendly environment.

Embrace the Legacy, Embrace SISALWOOL:
Reviving an old building isn’t just about preserving its architectural charm; it’s about ensuring it thrives sustainably. SISALWOOL insulation bridges the gap between traditional building designs and modern eco-consciousness, making it the ideal choice for those passionate about heritage and sustainability.
If you cherish the legacy of your old building and seek an insulation solution that respects its original design, SISALWOOL stands ready to revitalise, preserve, and enhance your space.

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