Preserving Heritage: The Importance of Allowing Old Buildings to Breathe with SISALWOOL™ Insulation

Preserving Heritage: The Importance of Allowing Old Buildings to Breathe with SISALWOOL™ Insulation

Why Old Buildings Need to Breathe

Old buildings, with their rich histories and architectural significance, were constructed using materials and methods vastly different from contemporary structures. Unlike modern buildings, which often rely on sealed envelopes and mechanical ventilation systems, old buildings were designed to breathe. This inherent breathability allows them to adjust to fluctuating environmental conditions, preventing moisture buildup and preserving the structural integrity of historical materials.

Enter SISALWOOL™ Insulation

In the pursuit of energy efficiency without compromising the authenticity of historic structures, insulation plays a pivotal role. SISALWOOL™ insulation offers a compelling solution, perfectly aligned with the need for breathability in old buildings.

Breathability: SISALWOOL™ insulation facilitates the natural exchange of air and moisture within the building envelope. Unlike synthetic insulations that can trap moisture and lead to structural damage over time, SISALWOOL™ actively contributes to a healthy indoor environment by allowing for proper ventilation and moisture control.

Historical Sympathy: When it comes to preserving the character of old buildings, choosing appropriate materials is essential. SISALWOOL™ insulation, derived from natural sisal fibers and sheep's wool, aligns seamlessly with the historical context of many old structures. Its organic composition ensures compatibility with traditional building materials, minimizing the risk of chemical reactions or degradation.

Sustainability: As sustainability becomes an increasingly important consideration in construction practices, SISALWOOL™ insulation stands out as an environmentally friendly option. Made from renewable and biodegradable materials, it offers a sustainable alternative to conventional insulations, reducing the carbon footprint of restoration and renovation projects.


In the endeavor to preserve our architectural heritage, allowing old buildings to breathe is paramount. SISALWOOL™ insulation emerges as a fitting solution, striking the perfect balance between energy efficiency and historical authenticity. By embracing breathable insulation options like SISALWOOL™, we can ensure the longevity of our historic buildings while minimizing environmental impact and preserving their unique character for generations to come.
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